Nutrition Software

Nutrition Access is a nutrition software program that is both comprehensive and easy to use. 

I wanted a nutrition software program that would calculate all the calories and nutrients in the meals I eat, and give me a report over any time period I chose.  I did not find what I was looking for so I developed a program myself.  I wrote Nutrition Access to be comprehensive yet user friendly. 

Many software programs today are difficult to use.  They use rows of ambiguous icons in their menus to represent various procedures. Nutrition Access uses menu choices that are all written in plain english.  You won't have to constantly refer to a reference manual to find out what some little icon represents. The steps required to analyze your meals are actually labeled step 1, step 2, and step 3 on the menu. You may not need to consult the manual at all.

Here is what it will do for you:  Nutrition Access allows you to track calories and nutrients in the meals you eat. A database of over 5000 foods is included in this comprehensive and easy to use program. You can record all the foods that you eat in specific meals and the program will report on the nutritional value of each of these meals. The program also allows you to report on a series of meals, which can be selected either by meal numbers, or by date, or a series of dates. In this way the nutritional value of the food you have eaten can be displayed over any time period you choose. The nutrition software program will display up to 29 values for each food: 10 vitamins, 10 minerals, fiber, cholesterol, protein, carbohydrate, total fat, saturated fat, monounsaturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, and total calories. The portion size can be adjusted and the nutrient content will be immediately recalculated. Percent Daily Values, as currently displayed on most food labels, can also be calculated and displayed.

Nutrition Access requires Windows XP or above to run. The software does not contain any copy protection schemes, so it can be installed easily and without the need to enter any activation codes.  If you have a desktop and a notebook computer you can install the program on both of them without any special activation codes.

In the past I have sold this program, but for now I am offering it as a free download while I am working on a new version.

To download Nutrution Access software click this link:  Download Nutrition Access.

This program is version 3.1.  The program files are compressed into zip file called NutritionAccess.Zip.  Download this file and place it in an empty directory of your choice.  UnZip the files. On most computers you do this by right clicking the zip file and selecting "extract to...".  Then double click the setup.exe file and the program will be installed onto your computer. You can then run the program by clicking the Windows Start Button...selecting all programs.. and then "Nutrition Access Professional".